About UB

Aerial view of University of Bridgeport

With a vibrant, globally diverse campus, University of Bridgeport welcomes students from over 80 countries to take advantage of its uniquely career-oriented degree programs.

University of Bridgeport mission

The University promotes academic excellence, personal responsibility, and commitment to service. Distinctive curricula in an international, culturally diverse supportive learning environment prepare graduates for life and leadership in an increasingly interconnected world.

University of Bridgeport sealUniversity seal

The four quadrants within UB’s seal represent the distinct character of University of Bridgeport. Shown in the upper right quadrant of the symbol is the tree of life, symbolizing personal and institutional growth; in the lower right, the Perry Arch, representing tradition, solid foundations, and performance; in the lower left, the seascape, illustrating the University’s unique campus environment on Long Island Sound; and, in the prominent upper left quadrant, the traditional lamp of learning, which has been the main element of the official UB seal since 1931.

Connecting education to career

Founded in 1927, University of Bridgeport is home to a diverse student body who are united by a shared commitment to career readiness, innovation, and a supportive, challenging learning environment. The innovative thinking that led to the founding of UB almost a century ago continues to guide us today as we connect to a wider world.

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